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MRSA & staph infections: What you need to know

Most staph skin infections are minor and may be easily treated. Contact your healthcare provider should you notice any symptoms.


CDC on Zika: The basics of the virus and how to protect against it

Keep biting mosquitoes at bay! Visit the SHCC Pharmacy in the Infirmary Building at 280 Fletcher Drive to purchase CDC-recommended repellents.


Get the shot, not the flu! #ChompTheFlu

Vaccine now available at our main campus location (Infirmary Building), SHCC@Shands (Health Science Center) and outreach events across campus.

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ALLIGATOR 9/20/16: Two UF students diagnosed with MRSA

The center offers free hand sanitizer, which may help in keeping you germ free, and [Catherine Seemann, SHCC Communications Coordinator] recommends speaking with a health care provider if symptoms are spotted.

Protecting Your Skin in The Sunshine State: Part Two

Next to regular self-examinations, preventing sunburns is a critical way to avoid skin cancer.

Protecting Your Skin in The Sunshine State: Part One

By paying close attention to your skin and providing it with adequate protection year-round, you can decrease your chances of developing skin cancer -- and stave off wrinkles to boot!