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ScreenU Alcohol

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Research suggests that alcohol and other drug misuse impacts students at a variety of levels, from academic failure to delayed advancement, due to injury or student conduct issues. Given alcohol’s detrimental effect on student performance, institutions strive to decrease high-risk drinking on campuses as a means of enhancing the quality of the learning environment for all students.

ScreenU Alcohol serves to identify students who are misusing alcohol and experiencing the negative consequences of misuse. ScreenU links students to the resources and support needed to help them be successful academically and beyond.


ScreenU Rx

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The misuse of prescription stimulants, sedatives, and pain relievers is an issue on college campuses. Prescription medication misuse often begins at college age and since prescription drugs have a legitimate use, there are often misperceptions regarding the safety and legality of misusing them.

ScreenU Rx serves to identify students who are misusing prescription medications and provides them with education, resources and early intervention to reduce their risk of negative consequences. Recognizing risky behaviors and providing tools to support safe medication practices are important steps in ensuring students are successful both academically and beyond.