Prescription Transfer Requests

Patients looking to transfer existing prescriptions from their current pharmacy to the Student Health Care Center Pharmacy can fill out the Prescription Transfer Request Form below.

Permission to deliver prescriptions to SHCC Pharmacy

I request that the SHCC Pharmacy fill the following prescription(s) and have them delivered to SHCC@Shands. The medication cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If not picked up within 48 hours of the date stated here, the medication will be restocked and I will be charged a $3 restocking fee. I authorize the Nurse in Charge to act as my agent in receipt of the medication, if delivered. I authorize release of information required to process insurance claims and/or bill this payment. The co-pay, which the UF Student Health Insurance Plan does not pay, and any other charges will be placed on my myUFL account.

    I understand that if I have medication-related questions I can call 1-866-941-1760 during regular business hours to speak to a pharmacist.