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Radiology & EKG

PHONE: (352) 294-7470

LOCATION: 1st Floor, Infirmary Building, 280 Fletcher Drive – Check in at Green Team

HOURS (subject to change during holidays/breaks):
– Fall/Spring: M-F, 8am-5pm; Sun 12-4pm
– Summer: M-F 8am-4:30pm

The Student Health Care Center Radiology and EKG staff is here to assist you with tests ordered by your medical provider.
NEED A COPY OF YOUR X-RAYS? Please fill out an X-ray Copies Form.

Joan Street

Joan Street


Accessing services

X-rays ordered by an SHCC provider

When your SHCC provider orders an X-ray or an Electrocardiogram (EKG), you will be instructed to come straight to the X-ray department. Patients are taken on a first come, first-served basis unless a medical emergency requires immediate attention. If you have an existing X-ray or EKG order from an SHCC provider, we recommend you come early in the day to minimize any wait.

X-rays ordered by an outside provider

If you have an order from an outside provider, first report to your SHCC medical team. (If you don’t know to which team you are assigned, call (352) 392-1161.) The SHCC will transfer the X-ray order into the SHCC system and ask how/where to communicate the results. If you are following up with an outside physician, be sure to provide all information needed to complete the request, such as the doctor’s phone/fax numbers, mailing address, etc. Providers typically only require a copy of the official X-ray report, which is placed in your electronic record and your SHCC team notified so it can be provided to the outside provider per your instructions.

Occasionally specialists may request that you to bring/send a copy of the actual X-ray. If this is the case, tell your X-ray technologist you require a copy of the X-ray images to take to your provider and a CD will be burned for you. We can also provide an X-ray CD mailer if you plan to mail the disc.

Obtaining results

Results for X-ray and EKG studies normally come from the provider who orders the test. The provider may, at times, designate someone else to give you results. Always contact your assigned medical team for information about X-ray or EKG results.

A technologist insures that each X-ray study and EKG receives a report, that the report is entered into your electronic health record and that your provider is notified when the report is available for review. The official X-ray reports are often ready for your provider’s review within just a few hours following your X-ray examination.

EKGs are sent by courier to an off-site cardiologist’s office, and usually take 24 hours to receive an official over-read. The EKG, once evaluated and signed by the cardiologist, is returned to us and scanned into your electronic health record. Your provider is then notified that the official over-read is available to review.

Should an official X-ray or EKG report contain findings not previously identified by your provider, your provider will be immediately alerted and you will be contacted by either your provider or a designee from your medical team.

Obtaining copies of X-ray images

To receive a CD of any X-ray images, you will need to specify the X-rays study(s) you require and the approximate date(s) they were done. If needed, you may request all X-rays of a certain type (for example, all chest X-rays).

If your X-rays were originally taken on film, they will need to be digitized prior to burning. This process takes a bit longer, so call first to obtain a pick-up time. X-rays taken after November 1, 2009, were created digitally and are ready to be burned. This can be done while you wait, but calling ahead will shorten your wait time.

You will be asked to show a picture ID and complete an authorization for the copy and release of your medical images. A picture ID is required for all persons picking up X-rays. If you plan to mail your X-ray images, ask us for a X-ray CD mailer.

We can prepare images for pick-up by someone you designate with your authorization. Discs can also be mailed to you or to a third party (for example, your doctor’s office) with your authorization. All delivery requests will be sent regular U.S. Postal Service first class at no additional delivery charge.

If you require films overnight, you will need to make arrangements for a pick-up at our facility by an overnight mail service. On the authorization form, check the appropriate box for third party pick-up. X-ray images will not be given to any third party, including overnight mail services, without an authorization for release signed by the patient.

Fax or mail the completed X-ray Copies Form to:
UF Student Health Care Center
C/O Radiology Room 130
P.O. Box 117500
Gainesville, FL 32611-7500
Fax: (352) 392-4673

Equipment and available tests


The radiology department is equipped with a high-quality digital imaging system, and is capable of performing any routine diagnostic X-ray ordered by your medical provider. The X-ray images are available for your SHCC medical provider to review as soon as they are completed, and are permanently stored in a secure archive to easily enable future retrieval. If have any concerns as to whether or not the SHCC can perform your test on-site, please call (352) 294-7470.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The SHCC does not perform CT, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound or mammography. If your SHCC medical provider requests one of these more advanced studies, contact our Referrals office for assistance in obtaining an appointment at a local facility based on your insurance: (352) 273-4539.


The department is also equipped with an Electrocardiograph machine networked to a web based cloud server for faster interpretation by a Board Certified Cardiologist. We can perform 12-Lead Electrocardiograms (EKG) as well as Rhythm Strips, if requested by your physician or other medical provider.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The SHCC does not perform advanced cardiac studies, such as cardiac stress tests or echocardiograms. If your SHCC medical provider requests one of these more advanced studies, contact our Referrals office for assistance in obtaining an appointment at a local facility based on your insurance: (352) 273-4539.


Our staff of nationally registered, state-certified radiologic technologists is well trained and highly experienced to handle all your routine imaging procedures. We strive to provide the medical staff with the best possible radiographic information with which to successfully diagnose and treat your problem.

The technologists work closely with your practitioner to ensure that diagnostic studies ordered will encompass the area of interest and provide the information the practitioner is seeking. The technologist may obtain more information from you regarding your area of pain or symptoms to ensure the best possible study. If you have any doubt that the area being X-rayed or the type of X-ray is not consistent with your problem, immediately notify the technologist so the orders can be re-checked for accuracy.

Although your X-ray may be reviewed by your SHCC medical provider at the time you are seen, all X-ray studies performed at the Student Health Care Center are also read by a board-certified radiologist, a physician who specializes in reading X-rays. The technologists are in close, daily contact with the radiologists, and prepare all the X-ray images and accompanying information for interpretation. You may be asked by the technologist for additional information regarding your illness or injury, which will help the radiologists gain a more complete understanding of your problem and enable them to make a more accurate interpretation of your images.