Preventing Anxiety During Finals Week

Final Exam WeekIt’s that time of year again when you will be spending endless days and nights in the library…it’s final exam time! Whether you are trying to catch up in a class you’ve fallen behind in or it’s a class where your grade is already an A, it can be easy to have stress and anxiety while studying and going into the exam. For those of you who are seniors and graduating in a few days you may not have the motivation to study for your exams and then feel anxiety when the test is placed in front of you.

Anxiety plays a role in activating your body’s stress response causing almost every cell, tissue and organ to go on a high alert which can wear your body down. Another common behavior seen during exam week is countless all nighters in the library which also plays a major role in your immunity. During the reading days and anytime you have before your exam, the best thing to do is to take breaks and to get sleep. Once you’re done with your exams I’m sure the last way you want to start your summer break is by being sick from anxiety and lack of sleep. So while studying stay relaxed and get some sleep.


Some ways to de-stress:

  • Exercise. Even if you just go on a walk you can free your mind and think of other things other than your exam material.
  • Socialize. Hang out with some friends for a little while to get your mind on other things.
  • Take care of yourself. It is easy to forget to eat healthy when you plan on spending most of your time studying, but it is still important to not skip meals and to eat healthy. It is also very important that you get some sleep
  • Get some fresh air. Being in the library for hours at a time can be depressing to your mood so take breaks and walk outside to get some fresh air.
  • Think positively. Remember you have been taking exams like these throughout the semester and your college career; they shouldn’t be scary just because they fall within “final exam week,” plus they will soon be over!