Are Smartphones the New Health Aids?

medical phone appsSmartphones are becoming the norm especially around college campuses. Walking through campus almost every other person has an iPhone. There is even a section on Facebook for mobile uploads. With all of the many different available apps out there younger people are able to track their health on their phone. This is a great trend that we are seeing because I’m sure most of you are just like me and have your phone with you at all times. It’s convenient and portable to be able to track your health on a smartphone. Internet research has shown that young adults use their smartphones to search health information while older adults use their desktop computers and the topics they are searching vary drastically from each other.

Young adults aren’t just using their smartphones for medical symptoms; they also download apps that help them track their eating, drinking and exercise. Researcher Susannah Fox says that “once they have a smartphone, people are more likely to participate in online conversations about health.” Since the trend is towards people using their phones to search health websites, advertisers have now put more money into ads on mobile devices. Examples of what these healthcare apps can do are check heart rate, help identify a pill, and even scan a mole for skin cancer. It’s amazing how much technology has grown especially in the health care field. Medical apps were introduced around 2010 and each year they grow by 150%. Just think of what they will come out with next year.

Medical Apps Relevant to you:

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  • WebMD
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  • Lose it!
  • Dental Expert
  • iHeadache
  • Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D
  • iTriage
  • Pill Identifier