Scientific article brings national recognition to musculoskeletal collaboration

“Intramuscular Hemangiomas” brings together related specialties to solve a recurring patient problem

Oct. 14, 2013

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Released in the September/October issue of “Sports Health,” an article on intramuscular hemangiomas brought together multiple musculoskeletal specialties to highlight an underdiagnosed soft-tissue condition.

After seeing two patients with similar long-term pain issues who ended up with the diagnosis of intramuscular hemangioma, article co-author and primary editor Dr. James R. Clugston, resident Dr. Joseph M. Wierzbicki and sports medicine fellow Dr. Jeffrey H. Henderson began to think the abnormality was likely more common than current literature might suggest, leading to the collaborative article with two accompanying case studies.

“Intramuscular hemangiomas are not at the top of our diagnostic list in the [Student Health Care Center] Sports Medicine Clinic, but for patients with extremity pain that does not seem to fit the normal patterns of soft-tissue injury they are something we need to consider,” said Clugston. “As a result of this paper and the patients we’ve seen, we realize that this is more common, so we’ll think of the condition sooner.”

Having access to ultrasound technology at the University of Florida Student Health Care Center and the UF Health network of specialists gives Clugston and his colleagues a major advantage when it comes to helping those in pain, allowing them to reassure patients with a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

“You have first-class imaging and specialists who are world experts in many fields all in the same organization,” said Clugston. “That’s the advantage of having the system that we do.”

Read the full article here: “Intramuscular Hemangiomas” in “Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach”.

Article co-authors: University of Florida Community Health and Family Medicine Resident Joseph M. Wierzbicki, MD; Sports Medicine Fellow Jeffrey H. Henderson, MD; Division Chief Orthopaedic Oncology Department Chairman Mark T. Scarborough, MD; Musculoskeletal Radiology Associate Professor Charles H. Bush, MD; Department of Pathology Professor John D. Reith, MD; and UF Team Physician James R. Clugston, MD.