Snacks on snacks: Healthy summertime munchies

By Afifa Noor, Intern with Janis Mena, RD

Summer is here! Time to hit the beach, hang out with friends and binge-watch shows on Netflix. What goes well with all these activities? Snacks! We all worked so hard to get that summer beach body, why ruin it now? To help you out, following are some healthful food staples to keep you full AND fit throughout the summer.

Remember: A few small changes in your diet go a long way.

Gainesville is one of the best cities for healthy eating, too. Some places to check out next time you are craving something delicious are the local farmers markets: Alachua County Farmers Market, Union Street Farmers Market and Haile Farmers Market. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to these markets, Trader Joe’s accommodates for almost any kind of diet, whether you are vegetarian, vegan or a consumer of everything the world has to offer.

What to eat: Click on each of the following healthful food staples to find great recipes.

Peanut Butter (via

Try combining different pairs of these food staples for fun new snacks every day. Peanut butter with banana is amazing and will satisfy your need for something sweet.

Avocado (via


Hummus (via

Dip your veggie chips in some hummus to add a little bit more flavor, as well as some protein to better satisfy your hunger.

Yogurt (via



Don’t want to give up your favorite snacks? Following are suggestions on how to replace some of those unhealthy snacks with something yummy AND healthy.

Out with the old…

French fries




Potato chips



Remember: A few small changes in your diet go a long way. Try new and FRESH foods – you’ll be surprised at how flavorful they are! Explore what Gainesville has to offer – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.