Menstrual products now available at SHCC!

The University of Florida Student Health Care Center (SHCC) recently installed menstrual product dispensers in its main facility for use beginning January 2018. The dispensers will deliver tampons and pads at a dispensing hub, located in the first-floor lobby of the SHCC main building, at no cost to the student. Students experiencing an unexpected period on campus are encouraged to visit the dispensers for emergency products that meet their specific needs.


The menstrual product dispensers were installed in conjunction with renovations on the first-floor lobby of SHCC. These renovations include a re-vamping of existing dispensers, previously limited to only free condoms. Now, students will be able to access free condoms alongside free pads and tampons.

Previously, students experiencing an unexpected period on campus were susceptible to missed classes, anxiety as a result of uncomfortable conditions and increased expenses when forced to locate relief on or off campus for purchase.

“Students have raised concern over not having free menstrual products on campus and we want them to know that we hear them,” said Guy Nicolette, Director of SHCC. “Ultimately, we are here for the students and their health needs.”

Press Release


The University of Florida Student Health Care Center encourages students to obtain menstrual products from these dispensers on an as-needed basis. Free products for students are made available through good faith of the UF student body and exist for your convenience. For assistance, please visit front desk.