Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship Award Winner

The Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship Award was created by the Student Health Care Center in memory of University of Florida student, Gareth Kerr, who passed away in April 2006.  Gareth was a senior engineering student who also served on the Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) from 2004 until his passing. Additionally, he participated in the Student Health Outreach Team (SHOT) and the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) for the same period of time. Gareth’s contributions to Student Health were significant and he gave quietly and unselfishly of his time, energy, and vision to ensure that quality health services were accessible to all UF students.

This year, distinguished UF alumni and former recipient of the Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship, Brittany Schambow, had a few choice words to say about the impact the award has on students’ academic and personal journey at the 2018 Gareth Kerr Scholarship Ceremony.

2016 Winner

“Gareth’s legacy is carried out in our work ethic and passion to continue challenging ourselves to lead lives dedicated to a commitment of ‘doing’ for others,” said Schambow. “I have no doubt that future recipients will continue to carry out this legacy for years to come.”

Each year, SHCC has given this award to some of the most deserving students, and this year is no different. In its 12th year, the Gareth Kerr Memorial Award received 23 nominations.

This year’s winner is Joseph Monir, who has a great passion for health, for helping those in the community and at the University.  Some of Joseph’s accomplishments include:

  • Completion of his undergraduate degree in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology (UF)
  • Currently a fourth-year medical student (UF)
  • Volunteered for 3 years with Youth Combine (local program whose mission is to host afterschool workouts for elementary school kids and to improve the education necessary for them to lead healthy lives). Served as the organization’s first Head Coach and advisor to the President of the organization.
  • Volunteered at UF Equal Access Clinic and received the EAC Distinguished Service Award in recognition of significant service to EAC and their community (all as a 2nd yr medical student)
  • Started cooking meals for the various homeless shelters around Gainesville. Is currently planning a community service project where a dozen medical students will go to a local elementary school to teach the students about health and medicine using fun, hands-on demonstrations.

Through his commitment to service and good health on and off campus, Joseph represents the purpose of the Gareth Kerr Memorial Award and what it means to students like him. Congratulations, Joseph!

GKM winner and Nicolette
Recipient of the 2018 Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship, Joseph Monir, and SHCC Director Guy Nicolette.