Nutrition Tips for the Healthy Gator!

By Oluwadara Durosomo

March is National Nutrition Month, so the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) wants to share some nutrition truths to help you be the healthiest you! Eating well and caring for our bodies is extremely important as we continue to develop as adults.

We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel like a challenge, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with four simple tips to help you improve your nutrition in the month of March and beyond!

Read them below:

  1.     Healthy eating

It can be very hard to eat well when on a budget and pressed for time. As a result, students often resort to fast food options, but the best thing you can do for your pockets and health is learn how to cook healthy and wholesome meals.You can always look up healthy recipes on sites like FoodieFinds and PopSugar, or check the SHCC’s Gator Grub Cookbook for quick, easy, and affordable meals for the average Gator.

  1.     Exercise

Exercising should never feel like a chore. If you are able to, start small by walking across campus instead of taking the bus or taking stairs instead of an elevator. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, which can be achieved in a variety of ways. If you are able to, try biking to class or doing sit ups when you wake in the morning. Another option is to take advantage of the variety of free gym classes available to full time students in Southwest and Student Recreation Center!

  1.     Take your vitamins

According to healthline, with an ever-changing diet and less sleep, the immune system can become weak. One way to combat this is by taking probiotics, as they will help with digestion and absorption of nutrients or multivitamins to help cover all the bases of a healthy diet. Look into taking vitamins that fit your nutritional needs, you can make your own nutritional plan and vitamin regimen with a dietician at the SHCC. Make sure you’re doing what works best for you!

  1.     Last but certainly not least, Drink your water!!!

Water isn’t always the most appealing drink to purchase from the vending machine, but make sure you get your fair share of it! Ask for water at sit-down restaurants and try to avoid soda and other sugary beverages that can be counterproductive to hydration. Also, try to carry a water bottle with you as you roam around campus. If you forget to carry water, you can always stop at one of the many dining locations on campus to get a FREE cup of water and refresh. Happy Drinking!

Below are some extra links that the nutrition-conscious may find helpful! Happy Nutrition Month!


If needed, please call us at (352)-392-1611 to make an appointment at the SHCC to see a registered dietician and get personalized help on your nutrition!