Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship Application

The Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship was created by the Student Health Care Center in memory of University of Florida engineering student Gareth Kerr. Gareth made significant contributions to the SHCC, giving quietly and unselfishly of his time, energy and vision to ensure that quality health services were accessible to all UF students. Prior to his passing in April 2006, Gareth served on the Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and was also an active member of both the Student Health Outreach Team (SHOT) and the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

2021 Application

APPLICATION OPENS: January 15, 2021

APPLICATION CLOSES: March 26, 2021 at 5 PM

SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: $500, plus official plaque

The annual Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship is bestowed upon one student who has demonstrated interest, commitment and passion for the health and well-being of fellow students and/or the community at large, and recognizes students that consistently support campus and community health programs and/or work diligently to promote an issue or cause related to health and wellness.

Nominations may only be made by UF faculty, staff or students. The nominator should submit the following form with letter of recommendation (plain text only) with supporting comments regarding the nominee’s special contribution(s). All nominations are reviewed by a subcommittee of the UF Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and the award recipient announced at SHAB’s April meeting.

Nominations for the Gareth Kerr Memorial will be considered based on the following criteria:

  1. Nominees must be currently enrolled at the University of Florida as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. Nominees must be in good standing with the University and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  3. A student can receive this award only once in their tenure at UF.
  4. The nominating person must submit a nomination form and a letter of recommendation with supporting comments regarding the student’s special contribution(s).
  5. The student must have demonstrated a special commitment or made a significant contribution that benefited students or the community at large in some area related to health.

The award will recognize a rare display of passion for health, outstanding service to the campus or community, and a quiet selfless commitment to “doing” for others

Please contact Lica Gilley at (352) 294-7439 or with any questions.

Past Winners

  • 2020 winner: Phebe Brocke
  • 2019: Isabella Orgel
  • 2018: Joseph Monir
  • 2017: Tatiana Paz
  • 2016: Brittany Schambow
  • 2015: Adaobi Ugochukwu
  • 2014: Charisse Ahmed
  • 2013: Shannon Pringle
  • 2012: Daniel Alvarez
  • 2011: Belinda Smith
  • 2010: Elizabeth Stein
  • 2009: Adam Mecca
  • 2008: Shilpa Gogna
  • 2007 (first year): Chad Hubsher

Nominations for the Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship Award are closed.