UF Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

What is SHAC?

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group of UF students, along with staff advisors, who serve as liaisons for the University of Florida student body to collaborate with the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) to ensure student health care needs are met. SHAC’s mission is to improve the student patient experience throughout all areas of the SHCC and improve student health on UF campus through outreach and campus partnership.


Members of SHAC are responsible for representing the student body in issues related to student health and wellness by:

  • Advocating for student health care needs
  • Recommending improvements to better serve students
  • Informing students about SHCC resources
  • Engaging in outreach activities to promote SHCC awareness
  • Assessing SHCC services to ensure they meet student health care needs
  • Collaborating with campus partners and student organizations to address health disparities among UF students


To maintain good standing, SHAC members must fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Attend monthly meetings held at the SHCC during the academic year. One absence per semester may be excused with professional communication of conflict or illness in advance.
  • Complete a minimum of 8 volunteer hours at SHCC-sponsored events per semester


  • All UF students, including graduate and PACE students, are eligible to apply for SHAC membership
  • Prospective members must reside in or near Gainesville during the academic year to be considered
  • Selection is based on the merits of their application and interest in SHAC
  • Accepted members are eligible to remain a member until graduation by meeting minimum requirements each semester


  • Members will be evaluated individually at the end of each semester
  • Members in good standing may receive a letter of recommendation, upon request, for their future endeavors
  • Members will be asked to evaluate the program to continually improve the program for SHAC members and the UF student body

For more information:

Please contact SHCC-SHAC@ad.ufl.edu

Application Process:

To be considered for SHAC membership in academic year 2024-2025, students must complete an application.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.  Please note, all information submitted in the application will be reviewed by the SHAC selection committee, solely for this purpose.  The information submitted will remain confidential.  All applicants will be notified via email no later than Monday 8/19/2024 of SHAC placement or nonacceptance.