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World Diabetes Day photo contest

Published: Oct 3rd, 2012

Get creative to promote diabetes awareness! Contest ends Nov. 12.


Announcing new medical team names, locations in Infirmary Building

Published: Aug 6th, 2012

Click here for new team names and locations within the Infirmary Building. Contact your team directly with any questions or concerns.

medical phone apps

Are Smartphones the New Health Aids?

Published: Jul 26th, 2012

Smartphones are becoming the norm especially around college campuses. Walking through campus almost every other person has an iPhone. There is even a section on Facebook for mobile uploads. With […]


Surviving the Summer Temperatures

Published: Jul 18th, 2012

Walking to class this summer you may have experienced how hot it gets in the middle of the day. Living in Florida we also experience high humidity levels. When the […]

Fireworks Show

Firework Safety

Published: Jul 3rd, 2012

When you think of the 4th of July you probably associate it with barbecues, celebrating, pool parties, and fireworks! Who doesn’t love to end their 4th of July evening with […]

the sun

July is UV Safety Month

Published: Jul 1st, 2012

Let’s take time this month to learn about UV safety and how to protect your skin against skin cancer! Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form […]

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Tick-borne Diseases: Reduce Your Chances and What to do

Published: Jun 20th, 2012

I’m sure you have heard of those little insects that attach to your skin and suck your blood, I am talking about ticks. Many of you probably associate ticks with […]

Summertime Sickness: Contracting a Cold When it’s Warm

Published: Jun 13th, 2012

Summer is a time to relax and get away to have fun, but what if your fun was interrupted by a cold? You might be wondering how someone could have […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

Published: Jun 6th, 2012

Summer months bring heavy rain, tropical storms, and hurricanes that can all lead to power outages. If you use alternative sources of energy during these power outages such as a […]

Sun and Clouds Viewed from Underwater

Alcohol Safety During the Summer

Published: May 31st, 2012

National Safety Month is observed during the month of June which is right around the corner. With the summer starting to heat up let’s talk a little about avoiding summer […]