Frequently Asked Questions
Health Insurance

UF INSURANCE REQUIREMENT: Visit UF’s health compliance website for current information and deadlines related to the university insurance requirement.

Who can I talk to with questions about billing, insurance or pricing?

Call SHCC Patient Financial Services at (352) 273-4546 for assistance Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (NOTE: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during summer), or email




Using Your Insurance

Do I need insurance to use the Student Health Care Center (SHCC)?

Though not required to access our services, the University and the SHCC strongly encourage all students to carry some form of health insurance coverage.

Does the SHCC accept my insurance?

Insurance acceptance varies from policy to policy. The SHCC has the capability to direct-bill many insurance companies for covered medical charges, and the SHCC Pharmacy also accepts a variety of commercial prescription plans when the associated plan’s card is presented at the time of purchase. (Contact the SHCC Pharmacy directly at (352) 392-1760 with any questions regarding prescription coverage.)

  • To find out if the SHCC accepts your insurance, we encourage you to provide us your insurance information ahead of time via the Online Insurance Verification Form. Patient Financial Services will contact you if there is an issue with the information provided. Alternatively, you can call your insurance company with our facility information (Name: Florida Clinical Practice Association, Address: P.O. Box 918025, Orlando, FL 32891). NOTE: The Florida Clinical Practice Association (FPCA) acts as the SHCC’s billing entity, allowing our facility to accept more types of insurance plans.

Should I bring my insurance card with me to the SHCC?

Yes. The information on your insurance card is needed for us to file a claim with your insurance company(ies). At the time of your visit, we will ask you to fill out the Insurance Verification Form and provide the original insurance card. Insurance information can also be verified and entered into the electronic health record ahead of time by completing and submitting the Online Insurance Verification Form.

How do I enroll in the UF insurance plan?

Enrollment may be arranged within the first 30 days of a semester. For more information, visit our UF Insurance Plan page.

Do I need to let my insurance company know that I’m going to be seen at the SHCC?

The SHCC encourages you to check with your insurance company prior to visiting our facility. Because there are so many types of insurance plans, it may be difficult for us to tell you whether or not you need a referral or authorization. For more information, visit our Additional Information: PPO/POS, HMO, FSA/HRA/HSA page.

Will my insurance company cover my SHCC visit and/or certain services?

As coverage varies with each insurance company, refer to your insurance member handbook or contact your insurance company directly with specific questions about what is or is not covered by your insurance plan. Possible items to discuss with your insurance company: Medically necessary and/or appropriate services may not always be covered; some plans may not cover services in geographical areas other than the home (policy holder) city; and preferred providers may not be located in the Gainesville area.

Can the SHCC care for my spouse/domestic partner?

Spouses/domestic partners of students may receive care from the SHCC; however, services are not available for children. (All patients must be between the ages of 16 and 64.) For more information, click on Spouse/Domestic Partner Care.

Charges and Billing

Are all services at the SHCC free when you pay the health fee?

No. When you choose to receive medical services from the SHCC you are legally and financially responsible for any charges related to the care provided at your visit. Please visit Charges, Billing & Payment: Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

What is the health fee and what does this fee cover? What does the SHCC charge for?

The UF Health fee, a per-credit hour service fee included with tuition, helps cover most office visits at the Student Health Care Center. However, this fee does not cover all possible service charges at the SHCC, including but not limited to: physicals, procedures, lab tests, X-rays, medications and medical equipment.

Will I be required to pay anything when I arrive at the SHCC?

With the exception of physical therapy, you are not required to pay for services the same day at the SHCC. (Currently, we are unable to accept same-day payments for most medical services.) Pharmacy items may be paid for same day at the cashier in the SHCC Pharmacy, or may be deferred to the patient’s UF account.

Will you bill my insurance company for me?

The SHCC will bill your insurance company for you if you have submitted all related insurance information (see Online Insurance Verification Form) to us by the end of your visit.

  • PLEASE NOTE: It is the patient’s responsibility to to provide any requested information to their insurance company (accident information, claim forms) and to know what their insurance policy covers — and the patient is ultimately liable for any charges not covered by insurance. Contact the insurance company in advance of care to learn about policy benefits in detail.

If there is a balance due from you after the insurance company has paid its portion, we post the patient responsibility to your student account. You should also receive and an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company explaining how the claim was processed.

How do I follow up with my insurance company?

Before you call, have available your insurance card, date of service, facility name, original billed amount, patient name and claim number if applicable. Obtain satisfactory status of account. If paid, ask when and to whom. Note this information and with whom you spoke to at the insurance company. If the bill has not been paid, find out when the anticipated payment date is and ask if they need anything from you. If the bill is not paid in the stated timeframe, follow-up with the insurance company again and, if necessary, request to speak to a supervisor.

What if I disagree with how much my insurance company has paid on my bill?

If you disagree with the insurance company’s payment amount, contact the insurance company and ask them to review how the claim was processed. If the insurance company finds that an error was made, note the information and whom you talked to at the insurance company. Request an anticipated payment date and ask if they need anything from you. If the insurance company feels the bill was paid correctly and you still disagree, find out from the insurance company what you need to do to file an appeal with them. Filing an appeal will not guarantee that the insurance company will pay more on your bill, but the claim will be reviewed for reconsideration.