UF Insurance Plan: United HealthCare Student Resources

UF INSURANCE REQUIREMENT: Visit UF’s Health Compliance website for current information and deadlines related to the university insurance requirement.

Enrolling in the UF Insurance Plan

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Enrollment may be arranged within the first 30 days of a semester. The policy year begins on August 14 and terminates on the same date the next year. Other policies may be available specifically for international students.

If you have experienced a life-changing event that caused you to lose health insurance coverage, you may be able to still register. Call Scarborough Insurance at (352) 377-2002 for more information.

Two enrollment options – please choose one:

Contact United HealthCare Student Resources.

PHONE: (800) 996-4698
WEBSITE: www.uhcsr.com/uf
APP FOR IPHONE: iTunes Store
APP FOR ANDROID: GooglePlay Store

Call  United HealthCare Student Resources directly or visit the website to view full plan details and prices, as well as to enroll online.

Contact Scarborough Insurance.

PHONE: (352) 377-2002
WEBSITE: scarins.com

Contact local insurance agent Scarborough Insurance with any specific coverage questions, or if you prefer to enroll through their agency directly.



A referral from a Student Health Care Center provider may be necessary when using the UF insurance plan. Please consult United HealthCare Student Resources for any benefit limitations on prescription drugs, mental health, chiropractic care, ambulatory care, dental accidents, elective abortion, anesthesiology, assistant surgeons and more. If you are subject to a pre-existing condition investigation, please contact the United HealthCare Student Resources directly with questions: (800) 996-4698 or www.uhcsr.com/uf.

Additional information

If your employment situation is changing and you’re involuntarily losing health insurance coverage, you may be eligible to purchase the UF insurance plan due to your circumstances. Your next steps might be confusing, so here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t delay your decision. A break in coverage of more than 60 days may prevent coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • You must enroll in the UF insurance plan plan within 31 days of losing your other coverage.
  • The annual UF insurance plan premium may cost less than COBRA premiums; however, since coverage differs among health plans, both premium costs and benefit designs (including issues such as plan maximums, exclusions and limitations) are important factors to consider when comparing plans.