Student Health Fee

Health fee included with tuition

PLEASE NOTE: The University of Florida administers a variety of student fees, in addition to tuition, each semester to provide for valuable services that benefit the entire study body. For more information about all fees, visit the “Current Students” area of the UF Finance and Accounting / Bursar website to calculate tuition and fees based on program and original degree enrollment date.

The health fee is a service fee paid as part of tuition that goes to many campus-wide health initiatives. The health fee DOES NOT cover all possible medical charges at the SHCC.

For the SHCC, the health fee covers patient financial responsibility associated with most SHCC office visits (for example, when a medical provider evaluates a sick patient but does not order any tests, procedures or prescriptions), and with telephone or online services initiated by the patient.

Patients are financially responsible for items not covered by the health fee; these include, but are not limited to: health insurance; hospital visits; external community providers/facilities; physicals; procedures; X-rays; lab tests; medical equipment; prescriptions; non-prescription medications; vaccinations; massage; and physical therapy. The health fee is not considered health insurance.

Optional fee package for UF Online and PaCE (Pathways to Campus Enrollment)

For more information about this optional fee package, please visit UF Online Handbook FAQs – Student Fees.

Some UF Online students choose to live near campus in Gainesville or Alachua County and do want to make use of the on-campus services and facilities supported by the various University student fees. UF Online students (including PaCE students taking UF Online courses) will be able to purchase the UF Online Optional Fee Package. This optional package includes Activity and Services Fees; Health Fee; Transportation Fee; and Athletic Fee, and will provide the same level of access to on-campus services and facilities as that of residential students.

Charges, billing and payment

For detailed information, please visit Frequently Asked Questions: Charges, Billing & Payment.

Health insurance information and options

For detailed information, please visit Frequently Asked Questions: Health Insurance and Health Insurance Options.