Emergencies and Urgent Care

Emergencies (Life-Threatening): CALL 911

Urgent Care


Urgent Illness/Injury Care: 352-392-1161

CALL FIRST if possible so the SHCC can prepare for your arrival and get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

After hours

Urgent Medical Concerns: 352-392-1161

Phone consultation services are available from the SHCC for students experiencing an urgent, non-emergency medical concern after-hours. The on-call medical provider can help you determine if you should seek medical treatment from a community facility right away, or if you can wait till regular business hours to be seen at the SHCC.

Crisis Resources

UF Medical Amnesty Program

The UF Medical Amnesty Policy (MAP) helps students feel confident they can make the right decision if there is an alcohol or other drug-related emergency without fear of getting in trouble academically. If you or someone you know needs medical attention, don’t hesitate to call 911.

Medical Amnesty

UF Protest Safety Team

The Protest Safety Team consists of more than 100 volunteer staff members whose role is to immediately respond to protests and marches, communicate with protest leaders, ensure safety of protestors and spectators, facilitate demands to present petitions or speak to administrators, communicate to impacted offices, and manage the protest until its conclusion.

Peabody Hall_DSO_Office

The following local emergency rooms are considered in-network for those on the UF insurance plan, currently administered by United HealthCare Student Resources(Last updated: 02/07/2024). To find out which local emergency rooms are considered in-network for private health insurance policies, please contact your insurance company directly.

24/7 Emergency Rooms