Flu & COVID-19 Vaccinations at SHCC

Hey Gators, Get Vaccinated!

We all can play a role in caring for ourselves and our community, whether that’s by getting vaccinated for COVID-19 or wearing a mask. We can also do our part by getting vaccinated for Infuenza (flu), which can prevent you from getting sick and from spreading the flu virus to others.

Thank you for doing your part to stay well and promote a healthy community.

How to schedule a vaccine appointment

You can schedule online for one of our outreach events or you can call Special Clinics located in the main SHCC building:

For Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

Flu vaccines will be available in the fall. Keep updated with us @ufshcc.

For COVID-19 Vaccine*

*Currently offering Moderna bivalent vaccine ONLY for boosters. For initial doses, please call the Alachua County Health Department at 352-334-7900.

1. Confirm you have an active MyUFHealth account and can successfully log in. Don’t have one?  Create one using the instructions below.

2. Log into your MyUFHealth Account. Click on the calendar icon in the upper left of the MyUFHealth screen and follow the prompts.

If you do not see the option to schedule online or for more information on scheduling a Flu or COVID vaccine appointment, please call SHCC Special Clinics at (352) 294-7472.

Create your MyUFHealth Account:

You will need an active MyUFHealth (aka myChart) account login to access the online scheduling system. If you do not have one you can complete this form.  The sign-up process should take less than five minutes!

Download the MyChart mobile app:

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Vaccine Safety & Science

Below are some resources that may help you feel more comfortable about the safety of the vaccine and the impact that remaining unvaccinated may have on your family, friends and neighbors.  No matter your reason, review the information below and speak with your primary care physician for any medical concerns.

Additional locations: