PHONE: (352) 294-7473

First Floor, Room 1011, SHCC at 2140 Stadium Rd

HOURS (subject to change during holidays/breaks): Fall/Spring: M-F 8am-5pm; Sun 12-4pm Summer: M-F 8am-4:30pm


Three licensed technologists, one licensed technician and a certified phlebotomist, directed by a board-certified pathologist, carry out more than 50 different clinical lab tests employing up-to-date, computer-linked instruments. Our associated off-site reference laboratories can perform essentially any analysis.

The internationally respected College of American Pathologists regularly inspects our laboratory and has accredited our facility. Only a handful of other college health laboratories have earned this nationally recognized certification.

Please note that only your health care provider may order tests or receive test results; however, your provider can request the lab to forward test results to a hometown physician.

Lab fees and billing

  • As not all tests can be performed in the SHCC lab, specimens may be sent to one of the following companies for analysis. Patients may receive a paper bill from one or more of these companies: Quest Diagnostics (; LabCorp (; or UF Pathology Laboratories (UF PathLabs) (

Lab tests ordered by outside providers

Patients who have prescriptions/orders for lab work from an outside provider may go directly to the SHCC laboratory. The external reference labs to which these tests are sent will communicate the results directly to the outside provider.