Breast Exam Ever! A fun self-exam guide from I Heart Guts

“Breast Exam Ever!” is a fun, breast exam self-guide created by iHeart Guts to get to know your breasts better! This 8.5 x 11 page can be printed and used for guidance at home or sharing with friends.

Breast Exam Ever, a breast exam self-guide

Text description:

1. Gland of Milk and Honey

As the world’s most popular gland–who doesn’t love boobs? Mammary glands need special attention. Meet and greet your girls monthly, a week after your period. (Nice to meet ya!)

2. Getting to know boobs

Be the expert on your own breasts. know your knockers as well as you know your own face– or at least know them better than that creepy guy at the gym.

3. Put your breasts to the test

Your trip down mammary lane should look for changes in skin, size and shape of your breasts. take a look with your hands on your hips (supermodel pose!) and your arms over your head (so perky!)

4. Time for the breast stroke

Review your rack either lying down or standing in the shower. Use your finger pads to press into the breast tissue and feel around for any unusual lumps.

5. Booby Trap

Avoid these pitfalls: 1. Don’t avoid checking out your boobs. Breast exams are a drag, but cancer is a bigger bummer. 2. Check under your armpits and breasts, they need love too!

6. All for the breast

Any pain or change in appearance should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Get mammograms when you turn 50– after you’ve hit your cougar stride.

Helpful Tips:

  • The average lump size found by breast self- exam is the size of a quarter.
  • Don’t forget to relax!

This self-exam does not replace the examination and advice of a trusted doctor.