Department Administrators

Costs for services

  • Please review the costs for employee and new hire immunizations and health assessments.
  • If you have questions on how to pay for these services, review the “Billing information” area below.
  • Please note that an additional charge may be assessed, in addition to the normal charges, for any individual who schedules an appointment without proper authorization, or any individual who submits incomplete forms.

How to make an appointment

Health assessments for Animal Care and Contact with Human Blood or OPIM do not initially require an appointment. All other job duties on the Occupational Medicine list do require an appointment.

Physical exams are by appointment. Patient Contact Review appointments may be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday ONLY by calling SHCC@Shands at (352) 294-5700.

Before calling, make sure you have:

  • A UF ID for the employee.
  • An 8 digit position number (generally has 3 or 4 leading zeros) for new hire TEAMS employees.
  • Verification that an INOP (Individuals Not On Position) form has been submitted to EH&S by their department for new hire OPS employees.
  • Verification that a standing purchase order (PO) is on file for the department, or if you will need to bring a PO or PCard authorizing use for required immunizations, labs and clearance billing.

Check the status of an employee

To see if your employee or new hire has been cleared for duty, visit Check Health Assessment Results in PeopleSoft.

Billing information

The hiring department is also responsible for the costs associated with any health assessments and/or medical monitoring that the employee or new hire may need.

In order for the SHCC to process your preplacement screening and establish a medical clearance for work at the University of Florida, individuals should provide a copy of a purchase order (PO) or PCard with a letter authorizing use by the PCard holder.

In order for your preplacement screening to be processed and you medically cleared for work at the University of Florida, all information requested must be completed. If it is not complete, we will be unable to complete the clearance process.