Check Health Assessment Results in PeopleSoft

When individuals require a preplacement health assessment before they begin work, the department must check the results in PeopleSoft. The health assessment result must be established by the Student Health Care Center before an individual may begin work.

PeopleSoft navigation

Workforce Monitoring > Health & Safety > Record Medical Exam Results > Physical Exam

Using the drop down menu, select an option for the Search By field, populate the begins with field and click on Search. Click on the EmplID for the appropriate employee.

  • The Exam Date shows the date the health assessment was completed. Any future date indicates a scheduled return/review.
  • The Exam Type shows preplacement for those beginning new positions/duties.
  • The Physician ID indicates who performed/processed the health assessment.

On the UF Exam Physical 2 tab, the Exam Results are entered and Comments will appear for any restrictions or items pending.

Exam results

Exam results are as follows:

  • No Job Specific Restrictions: Previously Recommended
  • Job Specific Restrictions: Previously Recommended with Restrictions
  • Exam Pending: Health assessment required but not begun
  • Under Review: Health assessment begun but not complete
  • Candidate Waived: Previous health assessment on file for same job duties
  • Start-Date Waived: For “contact with human blood or OPIM” where training and vaccination offer is required but may be done after individual begins work

Additional information

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Medicine office at or call (352) 392-1591 for more information.