Navigating Insurance

The SHP case manager(s) in many cases will help students contact their health insurance to find out about their mental health benefits. It is important that the student brings a copy of their insurance card to their intake case management appointment.

Important tips when contacting health insurance.

  • Have a copy of your insurance card handy.
  • Contact the customer service number.
  • Ask for information about your mental health benefits including psychological therapy and psychiatry medication management.
  • Ask what your co-payment will be for office visits for Therapy and Psychiatry
  • Ask if you have to meet a particular deductible; if so, ask how much it is
  • Ask for a list of providers by zip code to be emailed to you directly.
  • Contact providers on the list and schedule an appointment.

Recommendations and actions you can take if you don’t have health insurance.

The University of Florida mandates that all enrolled students must have health insurance coverage. In some cases, students could lose coverage during an academic year. If that happens, students can contact the UF Health Compliance Office to assess their health insurance plan options.

To learn more about the UF Students Health Insurance plans please visit SHCC Insurance Requirements and UF Health Compliance Office