Case Management Services

Student Health Psychiatry (SHP) offers Case Management Services to our SHP patients. Our clinical case manager’s primary responsibility is to help students get connected with community and UF campus resources.  Our case manager works very closely with post hospitalization, post graduate patients, and provides support to our patients while establishing or transitioning care to community providers. Case management services plays a very critical role in the success of each patient. The case manager will schedule follow-up appointments in order to ensure that students’ needs have been met/ achieved. Our case manager will also assist students in obtaining health insurance through the university, or will help them navigate their insurance plans to better understand coverage and benefits for mental health providers. In addition to insurance and mental health resources, our clinical case manager can also assist students in accessing financial assistance, transportation, food, housing, legal services, social support, and academic resources among others. Our case manager enjoys providing support to each student she encounters, and her number one goal is for each student to have their needs met, and become successful while at the University of Florida.  The case manager coaches students on being their own best self-advocate and collaboratively creates a plan to move forward. All case management referrals come from the SHP Provider, and CWC Counselors when appropriate.


All SHP case management referrals are placed by our SHCC providers via Epic. Once the referral is received by the SHP case manager, the student will be contacted by our support staff and will be scheduled for a case management appointment. During this appointment, the case manager will assist patients in getting connected with either UF campus or community resources.