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Diabetes Awareness Month

Events and activities for Diabetes Awareness Month at UF

Published: Nov 3rd, 2014

Join members of the community, patients, researchers and care providers as we celebrate, educate and share our desire to raise awareness for diabetes.

Century Tower

Young, Smart, Attractive, DIABETIC? Why college students should care about diabetes

Published: Nov 1st, 2014

UF is going blue to raise awareness about diabetes! Learn why college students are also at risk.

Patient Education: Diabetes, Prevention

Published: Dec 18th, 2012

Young, Smart, Attractive, DIABETIC?Why college students should care about diabetes — and how to prevent it Tell me what diabetes is and what it has to do with me. Diabetes […]


World Diabetes Day photo contest

Published: Oct 3rd, 2012

Get creative to promote diabetes awareness! Contest ends Nov. 12.