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GYT: Get Yourself Tested!

Don't be afraid to initiate a conversation about STIs/STDs with your health care provider -- we are here to help.

ALLIGATOR OPINIONS 10/10/14: Your cheat sheet for STI testing

"Getting tested for STIs sounds a lot more daunting than it seems. But if you’re sexually active in any way possible — yes, even if you don’t have penetrative sex — it’s responsible to get tested on a regular basis." ~Robyn Smith, The Independent Florida Alligator

H-P-What? The deets on HPV

The buzz is out about HPV. What you may not know is how this sexually transmitted infection (STI) gets around, how to find out if you have it or how the vaccine works. Following is a list of common myths — as well as the facts — about…

Healthcare Information Online

The following external health websites are recommended by the Student Health Care Center. NOTE: The information provided on these websites is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or emergency treatment. You should not use any information on these websites to diagnose or develop a treatment plan for…

Women’s Health Clinic

PHONE: (352) 294-7476 1st Floor, Infirmary Building, 280 Fletcher Drive HOURS (subject to change during holidays/breaks): Fall/Spring: M–F 8am–5pm & Sun 12-4pm (urgent care only) Summer: M-F 8am–4:30pm Gynecological…

Sexual Health

FUN FACT: FREE Condoms, Menstrual Products and Sexual Health brochures are available at SHCC! No appointment needed.