Mandatory for All Trainees

In order to maintain the security of all Patient Health Information (PHI), we require that all trainees complete the following. Once you have completed all of the steps below, please submit the information to your preceptor on your first day at the SHCC.

Online Training

If you have not completed the online training, follow instructions below then print your certificate of completion and submit as instructed below. (Note: If you do not have a UF ID number, please use “0000” as your first 4 numbers and the last part of your phone number for easy identification).

Access myTraining at; using your gatorlink credentials then select and complete the following:

  1. HIPAA & Privacy – General Awareness (UF_PRV800_OLT)
  2. HIPAA & Privacy – Research (ONLY if working with Research / UF_PRV801v_OLT)
  3. Protecting Social Security Numbers & Identity Theft Prevention (UF_PRV804_OLT )
  4. FERPA Basics (UF_PRV802_OLT)
  5. Maintaining a Safe & Respectful Campus (UF_GET803v_OLT)
  6. Compliance: A Collaboration for Success! (UF_OOC101v_OLT)

Confidentiality Form

If you have not completed the Confidentiality Statement and Health Information Policy, Please

  1. Click Confidentiality Statement link (
  2. Read
  3. Read & Sign – *print and sign for our office*

Volunteer Form

If you will be considered a volunteer and will not be paid for your service at the Student Health Care Center, review and and complete the Volunteer Form.