Main Phone Number

Call 352-392-1161 to make an appointment or be directed to the party you are trying to reach.

For urgent medical issues after hours, please call 352 392-1161 for medical advice. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

Medical Teams & Specialty Clinics

Teams and their functions, along with their direct phone numbers, are listed below. The following numbers are active only during regular business hours.

Medical teams (aside from UF Occupational Medicine) are located in SHCC at 2140 Stadium Road.

Primary Care, 2nd floor: (352) 294-7466 Pharmacy: (352) 392-1760 or toll-free (866) 941-1760
Sports Medicine & Acute Care Clinic, 1st floor:
(352) 294-7471
Gynecology and Sexual Health, 1st floor – (352) 294-7476
Special Clinics, 1st floor – Allergy Shots, Vaccinations: (352) 294-7472 Laboratory, 1st floor: (352) 294-7473
Radiology & EKG, 1st floor: (352) 294-7470 FastTrack Infectious Care, 2nd floor: (352)294-7304
GYT Clinic, 2nd floor: (352) 294-7582 Nutrition Services, 3rd Floor: (352) 294-7582
Psychiatry, 3rd floor: (352) 273-3390

With the exception of urgent injury care during regular business hours, CALL FIRST to be seen: (352) 392-1161.

  • In general, students seeking care from a medical provider (MD, PA, or APRN) will be provided an appointment within 24-48 hours.
  • Students who feel their concern is urgent may ask to speak to a nurse for same-day advice.


  • Patient Financial Services – SHCC Charges, Billing or Insurance: (352) 273-4546
    Fax: (352) 392-7620 
  • Physical Therapy (operated by UF Health Rehab Center): (352) 294-3065
  • Quality Improvement Office: (352)273-4566 
  • Referral Office: (352) 273-4539