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Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Month: Make sure you’re up to date

Getting ready for college means making sure you are up to date on all doses of the recommended vaccines, both to protect yourself and others around you.


The Post Break-Up Guide

The grieving process after breakups is different for each individual. Each person feels, thinks and reacts to it differently. Nonetheless, there are a few things we can do that can help anyone heal and a few that are not recommended.

Health Insurance Card

NEW ADMITS: Complete health insurance process before classes begin to avoid charges

Fee payment deadline is the final deadline to opt-out of the UF-sponsored plan.

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Health News & SHCC Blog

UF/Banyan Biomarkers 1 of 6 final winners of NFL/GE’s $10 million Head Health Challenge I

Researchers from Banyan Biomarkers and UF are collaborating on a sports concussion study to analyze biomarkers, neurocognitive testing, and neuroimaging on student athletes.

College health and safety tips

Keep these tips and information in mind to stay safe and healthy in college.

Snacks on snacks: Healthy summertime munchies

A few small changes in your diet go a long way.

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