Gynecology & Sexual Health Clinic

PHONE: (352) 294-7476

1st Floor, SHCC, 2140 Stadium Road

PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS. Closed during holidays/breaks.

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Gynecological health services are available to University of Florida students at the Student Health Care Center’s main campus facility in the Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic, as well as through your primary care medical team. The Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic, comprised of gynecological health specialists, is staffed by advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). Depending on the service(s) provided, charges may apply.

Meet the nurse practitioners of the Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic!

How to be seen

Call Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic to schedule an appointment: (352) 294-7476. Patients scheduling a routine pelvic exam will be asked to fill out a short intake form at the appointment to gather information about health concerns, as well as medical and sexual histories. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the service(s) provided, charges may apply.

Prior to your first visit with the Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic or your first gynecological exam, review the following fact sheets to learn how your appointment will go:

Ask the nurse

Learn from our experts! Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about women’s health, including information about contraceptive options, emergency contraceptives, missed periods, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and more.

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Available services

  • Counseling on contraceptive options, sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention, sexuality and other female health issues
  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of STIs and vaginitis; same-day appointments usually available for those experiencing symptoms (routine testing may also be arranged)
  • Pap smears and routine pelvic exams
    • NOTE: ThinPrep™, a liquid-based method, is the only Pap smear method used at the SHCC. ThinPrep™ can reveal more information, and the same specimen can be tested further if initial indications reveal abnormalities, saving time and a return visit for another test.
  • Abnormal pap follow-up, including colposcopy
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals for optional services

Consultant gynecologists are available for specific referrals such as cryosurgery and LEEP. There may be additional charges for certain services, so be sure to ask in advance about costs.

Pap Test Diagram
Image courtesy of Family Health Online / Family Health Magazine


 Did you know that you can now wait till 21 to have your first gynecological exam?

 What is a Pap test/cervical cancer screening and what does it entail?
A Pap test screens for changes in the cells of the cervix. Finding changes early makes it easier to catch cancer in the “precancerous” stage and treat the condition before it can become serious. More information can be found from Mayo Clinic.