U Matter, We Care

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room!

The UF Student Health Care Center (SHCC) is committed to helping every student achieve optimal health in the pursuit of personal and academic success. All activities and programs of the SHCC operate to assure a nonjudgmental environment and sensitivity to individuals with disabilities and those representing diverse cultural, racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation groups.

Below are some immediate resources available in time of need:

Medical Services:

Whether you have a chronic illness or an acute injury, the UF Student Health Care Center (SHCC) offers a wide variety of health and wellness services to keep students at their best. As experts in the college health field, the clinical staff strive to help students understand common ailments while also providing treatment options including referrals to most UF Health specialists if needed.

Feeling sick or have an urgent injury during the day?

SHCC offers an acute care clinic for any injuries that occurred within the last 72 hours, you can call first (294-7471) or walk in and check with the front desk to guide you back to the Acute Care Team.

Feeling sick or have an urgent healthcare need after hours?

SHCC provides 24/7 on call services, if something happens and you aren’t sure whether you need to go to an urgent care center or if it can wait until morning, call 392-1161 and ask to speak to the on-call provider.

UF’s Medical Amnesty Policy

The UF Medical Amnesty Policy (MAP) helps students feel confident they can make the right decision if there is an alcohol or other drug-related emergency without fear of getting in trouble academically. If you or someone you know needs medical attention, don’t hestitate to call 911!

Financial Services:

Dealing with finances and healthcare charges on your student account can be extremely stressful, especially if money is tight.  SHCC offers a patient financial services department in order to help understand any bills you may receive, answer questions about whether the health center accepts your insurance and what insurance may or may not cover during a visit.  Some resources may also be available for low-income and uninsured students.

Have a bill from the Student Health Care Center?

You can call 352-273-4546 or email insurance@shcc.ufl.edu to reach a patient financial services representative.  You can also find out more about UF Health’s financial assistance program, visit https://ufhealth.org/financial-assistance or call 352-265-0355

Have a bill for Health Insurance?

You can call 352-294-2925 or email healthcompliance@shcc.ufl.edu to reach a health compliance representative.  They will be able to review your account, help you understand the university’s insurance policy and other ways you may be able to meet the requirement.  You can also review more information online at http://healthcompliance.shcc.ufl.edu