Needlestick: After-hours Online Assistance

These instructions will assist you in the determination of need for Bloodborne Pathogen Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) so you can be provided the most efficient and effective care. This is the decision that needs to be made tonight.

All other medical issues relating to this exposure should be addressed the next business day with the Student Health Care Center Occupational Medicine team in SHCC@Shands: (352) 294-5700.

Step-by-step instructions

To assist in the determination of PEP, please follow these instructions completely and in order.

  1. Determine if the wound or exposure needs immediate medical attention:
    • — Is the wound actively bleeding despite attempts to stop it?
    • — Is this exposure related to an ocular splash of potentially infectious fluids or other chemicals?

    If so, go directly to the ER.

  2. Proceed with source testing, which is time sensitive. DO NOT DELAY!
    PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below are meant to be a guide only. All laboratory tests will be ordered by a certified Nurse Coordinator or officer of Occupational Medicine.

    • — Call the Needlestick Hotline immediately at (352) 265-2727.
    • — Obtain consent from the source patient or health care surrogate.   (Consent forms will be at the nearest nursing station.)
    • — An HIV Combo Assay will be ordered on the source patient by the Nurse Coordinator using the Source Patient Order Form. The UF Staff/Student Exposure Form must be completed. Do not use the EPIC ordering system.
    • — Draw 2 red top tubes AND 2 purple top tubes (4 total) from the source patient and label with patient’s name, medical record number and date of birth.
    • — Make sure the Nurse Coordinator has your contact information so they can contact you with the source patient HIV results.
  3. Once the process has been initiated with a call to the hotline, the results should be called within 2 to 3 hours of the blood reaching the lab. If you do not receive results within this time period, call the hotline back.
    • — If the HIV Combo Assay is negative, go to step 4.
    • — If the HIV Combo Assay is positive — the source patient is known HIV+ — or the source is unknown, proceed to the emergency room for Post Exposure Prophylaxis counseling.
  4. You must call SHCC Occupational Medicine in SHCC@Shands at (352) 294-5700 the next business day to schedule an appointment for that same day. All further testing will be ordered at that time. Failure to make and keep that appointment may result in inadequate management of this exposure.